Mantis Lariat Necklace


Droplets of vintage gold metal mesh with solid sterling silver rolo chain. Wear the necklace as-is, or let the tail trail down under your shirt for a sexy, short version - just a little glow at the neck. Chain is oxidized to a dark contrasting black and hand-linked around the mesh elements, all carved from classic Whiting & Davis purses (circa 1940s-1970s.) Links are soldered/welded around each mesh form, chain-to-chain, drawing a continuous line throughout the piece. Great alone, or layered in your favorite mix.

Mantis Mesh Lariat Necklace measures 20” around and drops 9”. Handmade in the Oakland Hills, San Francisco Bay Area.

** This necklace will be made to order. Please allow for an extra three to four weeks processing time.

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