These designs are greatly informed by process itself. Working exclusively in the medium of metal mesh, Maral found that the articulated fabric brings uniquely challenging physical properties. Successful designs are executed within a variety of constraints, and encouraging the fluid material into pleasing, stable shapes is an ongoing study of tension and release — always with a focus on gravity.Metal mesh from vintage and antique purses is cleaned, deconstructed, and re-engineered in a variety of styles. The black and gold “framed mesh” pieces are created with dark oxidized lines of substantial sterling silver chain, hand-linked around the borders of gold mesh elements. This edging delivers graphic impact while also providing finish and structure to the mesh shapes. Joinery around these elements is all soldered or welded directly chain-to-chain, without bulky jump rings, drawing slim, uninterrupted lines throughout the work.

Earrings display mesh shapes held open in flat planes, suspended from hand-hammered armatures. Each shape is treated as a little canvas, the colors and patterns carefully edited and altered to bring the most beauty. Some colorful enamel-painted designs are taken straight from the antique purse, while others — frequently the most abstract — are often pieced together by hand. It can be a painstaking process, but definitely worth it. Adjusting the colors and forms until each earring sings as a unique little work of art — it's everything.

Process shot of antique metal mesh being pieced into earring forms.

Custom bracelet clasps are hand-carved and cast in sterling silver and brass. These “sister” clasps were carefully designed and cast as two distinct halves, allowing them to be easily hooked with one hand.

Detailing is always kept minimal and discreet, focusing attention on the form of the piece and the inherent beauty of the vintage materials.

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